Don’t stop physical activity or fear getting started because of an injury…our custom braces and supports can get you moving.

At Scratch Recovery, I work with clients to utilize their personal benefits and find the corrective supports needed to recover from an injury or deal with a physical impairment.

I have extensive knowledge of bones, joints and muscles with a deep understanding of the many thousands of ways injury and illness can impact the human body. Whether your pain and discomfort stems from a sprain, break, aging or chronic condition/illness, at Scratch Recovery you will be provided with the medical and orthopaedic products right for you. With access to an ample supply of braces, supports and compression stockings handpicked for their quality and effectiveness, I can safely recommend an apparatus and custom fit it for your individual needs. I work closely with all of my clients in selecting the right apparatus as well as ensuring that they know how to correctly wear and maintain them.

At Scratch Recovery, You Can Access:

  • Knee Braces

  • Ankle Braces

  • Ligament Braces

  • Back & Neck Supports

  • Unloading K Braces

  • Custom Braces

  • Compression Stockings

Please have a look at our selection of products and services. If you wish to book a consultation don’t hesitate to call me at 519-902-7916 or email me at