Our Team


Andrea Scratch
Founder of Scratch Recovery and Cannabis Coach
For the past 4 years, Andrea has helped thousands of Canadians access cannabis therapy. Herself a survivor of PTSD, Andrea has overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Among her many patients, Andrea has helped hundreds of Canadian Veterans access medical cannabis as well as benefits that were previously denied to them. Andrea is a proud mom and passionate believer in fitness, lifestyle management and cannabis therapy as a means of recovery and healing. To read more about Andrea and her incredible story, click here.
Jennifer Growen
General Manager
With a strong background in management and administration, Jennifer is a true pro who makes the process of accessing cannabis therapy and other Scratch Recovery offerings seamless and pleasant. As the mother of two young children, she credits them for helping her dig the well of patience she draws from when dealing with government bureaucracy.
Meghan McKenna
Director of Physician Services
Meghan is a nurse practitioner with over 15 years working in Canadian medicine. Meghan is a firm believer in the power of cannabis therapy to change lives and deal with such complex issues as PTSD, chronic pain, auto-immune diseases and dozens of other medical conditions. Anyone who has ever been in Meghan’s care can attest that she is the definition of a knowledgeable, caring and compassionate health practitioner.