"Part of the healing process is sharing with others who care."

As a diagnosed PTSD sufferer, I understand first-hand the devastating effects of this affliction. But there is hope. Cannabis has been proven to be effective in nearly 80% of PTSD sufferers. Let me help you access a form of safe, natural relief that is 100% Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) covered and approved. In addition to the services mentioned below, please note that I am an active AA member who can direct you to your local Ontario chapter. In all my services, I promise you complete discretion and confidentiality.

By working with me, I guarantee you:

Physician guided dosing specic to your condition as well as education on withdrawal from other medication.

Cannabis consultation from Cannabis professionals on strain selection, THC/CBD balancing and methods of consumption.

Confidentiality – All of your information is kept strictly condential , your employer does not have to know about your prescription.

The ability to ingest your medical marijuana in an edible such as a cookie, confectionary or an infused beverage rather than having to inhale it.

Registration with Multiple Licensed Producers to provide you access to a greater variety of strains and product offerings.

Assistance in accessing 100% VAC covered Medical Marijuana every step of the way.

No up-front or out-of-pocket fees. You don’t pay a cent.