Meet Andrea Scratch……..My story is why I am here and why I want to share my story, education and experiences with you. We all know that life can be challenging and we can sometimes lose focus of clean living and reaching our goals. Poor health, substance abuse, injury and poor decision making sometimes lead us down a path to self destruction. I have recovered from substance abuse but also from physical unhealthiness (back disc problems) and through hard work, dedication and support was able to bring focus and direction back to my life. I was able to meet my personal goals and bring physical and emotional stability back into my life, through nutrition, physical training and personal support. Let me help you find the path to achieving your goals and the importance that physical fitness, nutrition, coaching and benefit support is to the recovering process. I have personally been in the same position as those who feel all is lost battling an unhealthy lifestyle. I have felt the lows when life has you down and can relate with my clients on a personal level. Let me lead, educate and support you through my example to meet your goals together.

Here is a quote I love from David patchell-Evans owner and founder of GoodLife fitness clubs.

‘A lot of self help methods are based on mental discipline or on working through emotional issues. What these approaches lack is in an awareness of how the body influences what you experience in your mind. There is no split. If you engage your whole spirit in the pursuit of fitness–not just your intellect, not just your emotions–but instead everything inside you that is truly you, you will discover what it is to be a whole person’

I will help you navigate the challenges of life and achieving the goals that you set for yourself.

  • Let us help you achieve personal goals.

  • Provide benefit support with injury rehabilitation with personal braces & supports.

  • Nutrition & vitamin support and coaching.

  • Life coaching.

  • Substance abuse counsel and support

  • Physical fitness training.

  • Weight loss.

  • Alcohol recovery.

  • Nutritional coaching.

  • Benefit utilization.

This is one on one consultations with our support team helping you utilize the benefits and resources that you have available to you to break through life’s challenges.

Please have a look at our selection of products. If you wish to book a consultation don’t hesitate to call Andrea at 519-902-7916 or email us at