My life is now consumed with helping veterans.  I feel deeply privileged to be granted access to the personal lives and struggles our brave men and women deal with every day as they transition to civilian life.

In the midst of all the challenges we face I was shocked by how many of our Veterans silently suffer from intimacy issues directly attributable to the treatment protocols doctors have given veterans

Many of the Veterans that I work with suffer from erectile dysfunction, they are shocked when I tell them that this is one of the most common issues that men face. I can hear the relief as they know they are not alone, these are the brave, courageous and tough men who struggle to acknowledge that their service and conditions are hurting them in the most intimate way.

I often find myself tearing up as I tell them this has nothing to do with you but is a direct result of the medications they are taking.  When they hear that many others are silently dealing with this issue I can hear the relief immediately, and the pressure is off.

The very thing that makes these veterans heroes is their bravery strength and courage. But these are the same values that hold them back from revealing something that makes them vulnerable.  A broken arm is easy to speak about and is a badge of honor, whereas ED haunts someone who doesn’t want to talk about it.

The biggest thing that I try to instill in my patients is for them to not feel embarrassed about this topic. Because, in reality, over %30 of the veterans I speak with suffer from this disorder…. And believe me, your benefits can cover treatment for this.  I have helped hundreds of Vets get off the opioids, reconnect with their wives and loved ones and move forward to a good place.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to find someone who you can talk to about this. I am educated in the benefits of alternative medicines and medicinal options that do not cause erectile dysfunction. Help yourself by reaching out, and you will feel more confident and relieved to find how simple changes can improve your life…and your love live!

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