New Year, New You

Welcome to 2016! The New Year is the time of the year for resolutions and change for many Canadians. Sticking to resolutions is something that many people have trouble with after the first few weeks. Keeping up motivation is one of the key factors in not sticking with a goal in the new year. So how can you keep your resolution this year?

Make goals reasonable. Your resolution for the year should be something that is attainable for you. It is important to set your goal high, but not so high that you will feel defeated if you feel like you are falling behind. Take a fitness goal for example. Perhaps you want to start going to the gym. You cannot set your goal to be every day of the week in the beginning if you have never been to the gym before. Start off slow and consistent, making it a part of your routine first. After you develop the new routine, then you can adjust the pace of working towards your goal.

Make the goals concrete. Attaining goals can be very difficult to stick with if you do not have a very clear end game. Fitness goals are the most common in the New Year, but many people make the mistake of making their goal just to go to the gym. Why do you want to go to the gym? Is it for weight loss, fitness, or perhaps both? You should have a very concrete picture of your goal and the reasons behind it in your mind when you step in the gym for the first time.

Treat Yourself. It is important to remember that moderation is key. Couple your lifestyle changes with things that you enjoy to keep yourself motivated.  If your goal is weight loss, a cheat treat once every 5 days is important. This treat should not undo any of the hard work that you put into the previous 5 days, but it should be something that you enjoy.

Resolutions in the New Year can be incredibly difficult to keep up with, but it is not impossible. By setting achievable goals, making those goals concrete, and remembering to treat yourself, you increase your chances of having a successful run at your resolution.