There has been a lot of debate about whether interventions are a healthy, effective way to encourage addicts into recovery. From my own personal experience, I wasn’t prepared to listen to anybody. By the time I hit rock bottom, I did not have a support system around me. But each case is unique and I have known and helped several clients reach a turning point as a result of their loved ones staging a well planned intervention under the guidance of an intervention specialist.

If you have a friend or loved one suffering from addiction, I would strongly recommend reading over the intervention tips and guidelines set out by the renowned Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in Minnesota which can be found here

Nonetheless, should a friend or loved one going through addiction refuse to get help voluntarily, there is another avenue which can be used, though strictly as a last resort: the law.

Though jail is a frightening prospect for anyone, many Ontario jurisdictions have “drug treatment court” meaning that if the defendant is willing to please guilty and enter treatment, jail time is waived for a first offence. This is an extreme measure. Before calling the police, I would recommend consulting with groups that are specifically devoted to helping those with a family member suffering from addiction.

The following are a list of resource networks for friends and families of addicts who seek to know their full range of options:

The Association of Parent Support Groups:
East Metro Youth Services:
Intervention Services Canada:
CanAm Interventions:
Canadian Addiction Rehab: