Having consulted over 6,000 patients seeking medical cannabis, there is one medical condition I see more than any other, a disorder that is both preventable and treatable, but which too many members of the medical community treat as a symptom rather than a serious health concern.

Anxiety is often thought to be a temporary state, a fleeting moment of self-doubt or panic that passes when we leave our boss’s office or get out of a traffic jam. I’m here to tell you that there are thousands of Canadians who live in a chronic if not constant state of worry, stress, fear and panic.

The typical profile of my anxiety patient is young (25-35) and female. She usually faces pressures at school, work, unruly kids or unhappy relationships. She complains about panic attacks, digestive issues, insomnia and/or migraines, but suspects some of these symptoms could be side effects of the SSRIs or SNRIs her doctor prescribes her. Unfortunately, she is just as afraid to go off her meds as she is to stay on them.

In cases like these, I will never discourage my patients from taking their medication, but I always mention the fact that I have had hundreds of anxiety patients no longer taking pharmaceuticals to treat their condition. I also tell them that while medical cannabis can help, it is by no means a magic bullet. In addition to taking CBD oil twice a day, I urge my patients to meditate in the mornings, exercise regularly, eat well and shut out the noise. I encourage them to take a break from the screens and social media, remove the negative spouse, boss or partner and focus on staying in the moment. When the moment gets unbearable, I tell them to take a deep breath. Go to another room or better yet go outside, take a hit off a vape and repeat the following: ‘My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.’

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is witnessing transformations. I’ll see these women for their one-year renewals now radiating with positivity and self-confidence. Many of them tell me that by following my advice and repeating that simple affirmation whenever they felt overwhelmed, they actually started to believe it.

If you suffer from Anxiety Disorder or any other medical condition that you feel can be helped with medical cannabis, please contact me at andrea@scratchrecovery.com or use the contact form on my website, www.scratchrecovery.com